Advantages of plastic hollow construction formwork

Advantages of plastic hollow construction formwork:
1. It has strong moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance, rigid plastic combination of template, high strength, light weight, strong impact resistance, saw, planer and nail resistance, cold and high temperature resistance.
Advantages of plastic hollow construction formwork
2. It has high strength, strong toughness, shock resistance, strong elasticity, and is not easy to produce deformation, thus greatly increasing the turnover times of the template.

3. Light weight, complete specifications, portable supporting and disassembling molds, safe and reliable construction operation and handling, low labor intensity and high construction efficiency.

4. It can be used at the same time with wood (bamboo joint) plywood and other materials.

5. The normal use times can be repeated more than 50 times, which can greatly reduce the construction cost.

6. There is no need to brush the release agent in the use process, which reduces the cleaning and maintenance costs of the template.

7. Smooth and smooth surface, good peeling property with concrete, easy to mold.

8. If the template is damaged, it can be fully recycled, recycled and reduce the environmental pollution caused by waste materials

Post time: Oct-26-2018

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